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Every organization, association, leader, worker, dreamer wants to be more productive, focused and engaged with a balanced work and family life.

But life does not play by the rules!

Being engaged at work is a challenge. Building a rewarding life at home is no easy task either.

It does not have to be this way... 



Duane is a passionate cartoonist who just happens to be an amazing speaker with a high caliber stage presence!

Such a unique combination will spark, uplift, excite and motivate any audience! 


The Sunday Funnies are the best part of the week! Duane showcases the success traits, wisdom and life lessons used by cartoonists for decades.

These are the same lessons that allowed Duane to begin his career at age thirteen, become the youngest syndicated cartoonist on record at age fifteen and sign his first book deal and accept a full tuition scholarship to college ON THE SAME DAY!

In short, Duane shows audiences how to live each day as if it were Sunday Morning easy!


By pulling back the curtain on the Sunday Funnies, Duane's audiences experience:

ENHANCED CREATIVITY (Think like a cartoonist and spark your creativity!)
MORE FOCUS AND DRIVE (This is one habit that WALT DISNEY swore by!)
OVERCOMING OBSTACLES (And the one shocking truth cartoonists have discovered when it comes to obstacles such as rejection!)
LIFE HACKING SKILLS (How was BEETLE BAILEY creator MORT WALKER able to be the most productive cartoonist in history, help manage a household of seven children...you read right, SEVEN...and still sneak in a round of golf?)
All these rewarding lessons that can benefit your organization, plus a lot of humor can be found when you invite Duane onto your stage! For years and countless organizations, Duane has offered real ways for individuals to create opportunity, reduce stress, laugh more freely, work better and enjoy life easier!


"Wonderfully engaging and with ease Duane was able to engage our large audience! A great sense of humor, wonderful message, and great stage presence made for an all around great event!"

Tracy Weitzenberg/ Development and Membership Coordinator

Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center


"If you're looking for a GREAT motivational speaker, stop looking...call Duane. Our event was thoroughly pleased with his lighthearted blend of inspirational life lessons of the Sunday Funnies and witty anecdotes letting us peek into the world of cartooning. We learned  a lot and laughed even more!"

Paula Foster/ Event Chairperson

Alliance Carnation Festival


"With this being our inaugural year with the RVA Networking Expo we were very excited to have such a popular speaker such as Duane as our kickoff speaker! Duane's presentation was AMAZING! All of the attendees were exceptionally happy with Duane and even a month after the event e-mails are still pouring in praising his program!"

Courtney Kemp/ Founder

RVA Marketing Expo 


"Inviting Duane M. Abel and DRAW YOUR DESTINY into our annual conference kicked it off in a big way! Duane's high energy delivery magically combined with a presentation that was encouraging, motivational and most of all funny! Our organization thrives on innovative ways to keep their goals on track wile motivating ongoing success, and Duane delivered in a big way!

Everyone loved his message and how the keys to their continued personal development can be found within the Sunday Funnies. Our attendees LOVED him, which is evident because as soon as he walked off the stage he was flooded with hugs, kind words, and heartfelt praise for such a genuine and uplifing message. From inspiring an association... to re-energizing the vision and focus of your company, the message is the same...CALL DUANE!"

Elaine Cotrill/ Event Chair

TOPS Incorporated State Conference


"Duane has a masterful way with audiences and made everyone feel important, as he he were talking just to them. he was a high combination of fun and education as he took four little words hidden within the Sunday Funnies and shared how their implementation into our daily lives can get us a little bit closer to our dreams. Duane is highly recommended and welcome back anytime!"

Jerry J. Mallett, Ed.D/ Founding Director

Mazza Musum at the University of Findlay 


"Duane's presentation instantly captured the attention and imagination of our audience with a booming voice and enigmatic style. His knowledge of the world of the Sunday Funnies and how they can relate to our own daily struggles was heartwarming and endearing. Our audience walked away from the evening energized and inspired!"

Jennifer Soloman/President

International Reading Association Conference 



Some of the ways Duane has been utilized include annual conferences, professional development workshops, sales training meetings, awards banquets, lunch and learn programs...so in short he gets fed a lot! 
Duane is dedicated to making your event rewarding, motivating, fun and never boring!
For more info, references, availability, price quote please contact Duane with as much detail about your event as possible! 
(As much as he would love to accept every invitation that comes his way, space is limited as he is a devoted dad with two kids in school activites! First come, first serve! So email him sooner rather than later!) 



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