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"Duane engaged our five hundred students (no easy task) with a unique blend of drawing, acting and storytelling. His learning target of knowing and implimenting his four words to success was perfectly aligned to the message we are always providing to our students. During my over THREE DECADES of school assemblies, Duane's DRAW YOUR DESTINY was one of the best!"

Robert Baughman/Principal

William B. Orenic School/ Plainfield IL


"Duane not only spent the whole day with our students and had lunch with all of our kids, he shared an amazing message and we could not have been more pleased with the day! For a combination of inspiration, entertainment, 100% student engagement, and a loud and clear message about trying and never giving up on your dreams, Duane M. Abel's DRAW YOUR DESTINY can't be beat!"

Michael T. Mockert/ Principal

Rosenow Elementary School/ Fond du Lac, WI


"Duane is a dynamic presenter who captivated the full attention of our students immediately! Teachers AND students left the program motivated to put Duane's four words to success into action!"

Freda Orosz/ School Librarian

Huth Road Elementary School/ Grand Island, NY


"Duane M. Abel's presentation DRAW YOUR DESTINY is one of the best programs our students have ever experienced. His message is worth it's weight in gold. Not only was he enthusiastic and funny, but Duane tops himself by picking up a pen and presenting an astonishing cartooning demonstration. At any given time our students were educated, encouraged and entertained. Duane M. Abel has a gift that needs to be shared with students, DRAW YOUR DESTINY can be summed up in one word...AMAZING!"

Debi Wagner/ Principal 

Eberwhite Elementary School/ Ann Arbor, MI 


"Duane does a brilliant job of engaging students with drawing, wit, and a dynamic presence. Duane also entertained the adults at our evening program, motivating not only the children BUT also their parents! I highly recommend this outstanding assembly. You will be impressed!"

G. Edward Kovacik/ Principal

Harrison Jewett Elementary/ Jewett, OH


"Duane spent the morning at our school providing age appropriate assemblies for each grade level. The students loved witnessing ZED coming to life and watching Duane's effortless creation of his beloved characters. The message of DRAW YOUR DESTINY is an important one to remember and ZED is now an honorary FES student!"

Amy Piper/ Principal 

Fredonia Central School District/ Fedonia, NY


"Duane walked into our school quietly. he was polite as he introduced himself showing poise and courtesy. The moment he was introduced to our gymnasium filled with students, he became energized! Duane ignites passion! They are taught the four words to success, that dreams of worth fighting for and hard work is nothing to be scared of. Bring Duane into your school!"

Jana Sullivan/ President

North Stonington Parent Teacher Organization/ North Stonington, CT 


"Duane delivers an important life message in a playful and funny format! We were very impressed that he customized a presentation to be relevant to older students, may of whom struggle to be successful in school. Duane's sincerity and energy rolled out with tangible inspiration and when the he picked up a marker and began to draw...MAGIC! We have implemented your four words into our daily efforts and could not be happier with the results!"

Mark Richter/ Principal  

Patti Body/Language Arts Educator

Lake Zurich Middle School/ Hawthorne Woods, IL 


"What an awesome presenter! Duane came to our school and his enthusiasm was contagious! The students and faculty were all inspired by DRAW YOUR DESTINY. His encouragement to set high goals and dream big are messages that we all can benefit from!" 

Julie Boggess/ School Librarian

Pearre Creek Elementary/ Franklin, TN


"Children tend to be observational learners and are very motivated by the action of their adult role models. His delivery was simultaneously inspirational and entertaining. Duane is an ideal role model with a great message!"

Susan Kavich/ Principal

Three Rivers School/ Channahon, IL 


"Within the span of an afternoon Duane had our student body consisting of middle school students captivated! With a bare stage, easel and flip chart Duane brought to life his comic strip creation ZED and showed an audience of teenagers that passion is the number one requirement to fulfilling your dreams! It is no easy feat to hold the attention of our students as they are of such high energy, and yet Duane was able to match their energy if not trump it entirely. DRAW YOUR DESTINY is a marvel! Four words required to succeed woven into a fascinating demonstration in the art of cartooning made the presentation entertaining, motivating and uplifting! All school administrators that care about the nurturing their students need to invite Duane into your classroom!"

Madalyn Walton/ Fine Arts Resource Specialist

McLaughlin Middle School Fine Arts Academy/ Lake Wales, FL 


"The message found within DRAW YOUR DESTINY is not only important, it is powerful!"

Eric Montoya/ Second Grade Educator

Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center/ Fort Worth, TX 


"DRAW YOUR DESTINY with Duane M. Abel builds such momentum with his four words required for success it leaves students AND educators clamoring for more! The assembly is a powerful program and Duane is a high caliber speaker. It stands head and shoulders above the crowd and in my years of teaching, was one of the best assemblies I have ever seen!"

John S. Gintey/ Elementary Educator-Assembly Coordinator 

Timber Lane Elementary/ Falls Church, VA 


"The programs were age, content, and curriculum appropriate but beyond that the students were captivated the entire time! Duane was a huge hit with the students and he made a significant impact on them. We thank Duane for presenting an amazing set of assemblies but for taking the time to be a part of our students lives!"

Bruce D. Hansen/ Principal

South Whitley Elementary/ South Whitley, IN 


"WORK. STUDY. LEARN. TRY. If I said that a man will make your students want to live up to those words, would you bring him into your school? Elementary school assemblies come and go. But Duane Abel visiting your school is worth it's weight in pink gold. The students at my school were enthralled by his program. His message is a simple motto that all teachers would hope to impart to their students. Duane M. Abel and DRAW YOUR DESTINY is a gem. NO QUESTION!"

Aaron Holmberg NBCT 2008/ Elementary Educator

Jefferson Elementary School/ Everett, WA 



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